The Daily Brace 08/24/17

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The Daily Brace 08/24/17:

You’ve probably heard of the tunnel cam: the camera that is allowed access to the player tunnel as teams enter and exit the field. These cameras often catch funny, serious or important moments as players interact in close quarters with their teammates and their opposition on the way to and from the dressing rooms. Well, now for a few fans at Man City, the tunnel cam is obsolete, they have the Tunnel Club.

First up is a piece that explains the new Tunnel Club at Man City: NYT – For a Price, a Chance to Go Beyond a Premier League Curtain.

The reaction to the Tunnel Club has been mixed, and this short piece offers a unique and rather hilarious perspective on the whole thing: The Guardian – Manchester City’s Tunnel Club player aquarium leaves the mind swimming.

What do you think about the Tunnel Club? Please comment below.

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