The Daily Brace 08/23/17

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The Daily Brace 08/23/17:

With the start of American Football (the NFL) only a few weeks away, we wanted to bring the two sports together somehow, and the placekicker (field goal kicker) was obvious common ground. The 2000 movie The Replacements is what introduced us to a soccer style placekicker, but the concept is much older than that!

First, let’s look at a little bit of history about placekickers that use a soccer technique: ABC News – How European soccer-style kickers started a revolution 50 years ago.

Now let’s think about a Premier League superstar joining the NFL in the placekicker position: Business Insider – One of the world’s best soccer players reportedly has plans to become an NFL kicker later in his career.

What do you think?  Will the superstars of European soccer end up in the NFL? Please comment below.

Check back tomorrow for a new Daily Brace! 

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