The Daily Brace 08/21/17

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The Daily Brace 08/21/17:

We know the Neymar transfer from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain is old news and that the deal has been talked about profusely. However, after Neymar’s sensational debut we wanted to ensure everyone understood what it took to get him to Paris. We hope the two links below provide you with a thorough understanding of the deal and its implications.

First up is a Youtube video from the docks channel.  The host walks you through the complex deal and illuminates some of its intricacies: docks – How Did PSG Sign Neymar For £198,000,000 WITHOUT Breaking FFP Restrictions?

Now let’s read about Qatar’s position in soccer today, through the lens of this deal, and how they are trying to become a cultural and sporting hub of the world. – Neymar Unveiled as Qatar’s Latest Work of Art. How do you feel about the nation’s expanding influence in the sport and the strategies they are employing to expand that influence?

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