The Daily Brace 08/16/17

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The Daily Brace 08/16/17:
Today, we are looking at the impact of the gender pay gap in soccer. Worldwide, this issue has become front and center in the beautiful game. There are many reasons, or excuses, that have led to this gap including attendance, sponsorships, and, for some, level of play. With this in mind, we present two articles that represent the fallout and progress happening simultaneously in the soccer world today.

Here in the States, Christian Simmons of the Orlando Sentinel covers the sudden retirement of Orlando Pride’s Maddy Evans in Orlando Pride midfielder Maddy Evans says low salary was factor in retirement.

Across the pond, Suzanne Wrack of The Guardian details Lewes FC and their decision to make equal pay a reality between the men’s and women’s teams in Lewes FC blaze a pioneering trail for women over equal pay and funding.

This important discussion about the gender pay gap is being had at clubs across the globe. It is imperative that we strive together to grow our game in a manner that allows for an equal opportunity for and appreciation of all those who play.  This will be the game’s purest form.  Are we on our way towards it?

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