The Daily Brace 08/15/17

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The Daily Brace 08/15/17:
Today we have two articles talking about the international powerhouses that visited the USA this summer.  At the center of both articles is Charlie Stillitano, a man we should all know something about.

Before you dive into a piece specifically about Charlie, let’s take a look at what he pulled off.  Here’s a quick read about what pre-season in the USA meant for some of the largest clubs in the world and for American fans as well.  Read on: BBC Sport – International Champions Trophy: How pre-season has become new money-spinner.

After reading that quick review, you have an idea of what Charlie Stillitano can make happen. Now let’s get to know this guy a bit better with this aptly titled article.  Make sure to read until the end to see the lengths Charlie goes to in order to make these games happen: New York Times – The Soccer Power Broker You’ve Never Heard Of

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